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claire and mike with devon county interbreed champion
Claire and Mike celebrate a great start to the 2016 Show season!

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as we celebrate forty years of Quintrell this year

The Quintrell Herd is a 240 head, pedigree, Spring Block calving herd,
with an emphasis on the block calving as the whole herd is dry in Febuary!
We need our down time just like the cows!
Herd average is 5,281 at 5.36% and 3.90%
61% (3224 litres) of this from grazed forage
The rest from just 1.25 tonnes of high ME (14) concentrate fed to yield in the parlour.
Margin Over Purchased Feeds is now 32.42ppl.
We have a conception rate to 1st service of 60% and a calving interval of 374 days

In addition the 240 milking herd at Quintrell includes some 70 heifers, and milkers cover up to 3 miles a day walking to the furthest fields and back.

Average bactoscan of 26 and cell count of 96.

We are proud suppliers of Arla and Tenants of Cornwall County Council's largest farm.

Mike, Claire & Jenny Colwell
Glyn Crest Farm, Wheal Rose, Scorrier, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 5DH
Tel: 01209 891645 or 07766 398291
Email: mike.colwell@btinternet.com
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